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What we do...

At Peace Within, LLC  our foundation is and will always be Applied Behavior Analysis. What may be different at Peace Within from other ABA Practices is that we focus on multiple age groups and our focus on what we offer may, in the beginning, look very broad.  After our initial assessment we narrow down our focus to exactly what our assessment shows that you need.  We have added a few practices that may not be seen by all as common practice within the field of ABA. We have worked hard to expand our scope of practice and have acquired the additional training in order to include these practices within what we do.  Any practice that we incorporate is evidence based and scientific in nature.  We will never branch out into treatments that have not been proven successful.  Pseudoscience is not our jam.  We do have a unique approach here, but we work very hard to make sure that all that we do is scientifically sound and within our scope of behavior analytic practice.  If we can answer any further inquiries about this, please do not hesitate to ask.  

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Individual Sessions

At Peace Within, LLC, we offer individual sessions  to meet a variety of Needs which may include but is not limited to:  

  • skill acquisition

  • Functional communication training

  • Behavior Reduction

  • DBT skills training

  • ACT Skills training

  • executive function training

  • social skills training

  • Emotion regulation training

  • Consultation to families/Parents

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Group skills training in the following areas

Peace within offers a wide variety of group sessions which may include but is not limited to:  


  • DBT Skills Training for all ages

  • ACT Training for all ages

  • Social Skills groups


Training, Workshops, and Retreats

Peace Within, LLC offers a wide variety of training and workshops which may include but is not limited to;  

  • Parent training

  • professional training/workshops for educators, BCBA's, and those who are interested in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.  
  • retreats which could benefit any of the above 
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Peace within has a variety of options for those of any age interested in yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation which may include but is not limited to;  

  • Private sessions

  • small group sessions

  • workshops, training, and Retreats

  • Any of the above can be offered virtually as well as in person

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